Equinix - interview (part 1)

Equinix - interview (part 1)

LIM Center as an important part of Equinix's global infrastructure. Interview with Robert Busz - Managing Director of Equinix in Poland.

  1. How long has Equinix been developing its business in Poland?

Equinix began its operations in Poland in 2016 with the acquisition of the Telecity Group, along with two of its data centers and an Internet traffic exchange point, Polish Equinix Internet Exchange (formerly PLIX). We boast global revenue growth for the 73rd consecutive quarter. Our business maintains similar dynamics in Poland as well.

One of our three Equinix Product Development Centers worldwide is also located in Warsaw. The other two are located in Silicon Valley and Singapore. 

  • How long has Equinix been present at the LIM Center?

Equinix has had a presence at LIM Center since the aforementioned acquisition of Telecity Group. The location is home to the Equinix IBX® WA1 data center and Equinix Internet Exchange - one of the largest network traffic hubs in Eastern Europe and, in terms of traffic volume, the largest such Equinix point in the entire EMEA region.

This location puts the WA1 data center, which we recently expanded and upgraded, at the center of Poland's digital transformation. It provides access to more than 200 network providers, more than 70 cloud and IT service companies and more than 35 content providers, which is an important business advantage.

  1. What are the most important factors in choosing a Data Center location?

Data centers that provide favorable environmental and socioeconomic conditions eliminate operational risks and increase efficiency. When choosing a location, distance from stable energy sources is important, but also network connectivity and industry partners.

Our customers need access to a variety of data centers in strategic locations for large IT deployments and business continuity, as well as to shorten the distance between employees, partners and customers. We realize that location is very important - so we make sure that data centers are located in strategic locations for our customers, while taking local conditions into account.

More than 220 of our Equinix International Business Exchange ™ (IBX®) data centers are connected directly at the physical and virtual layer in 63 metros around the world. So we provide secure and direct access to the global digital infrastructure.

  1. What role does the Warsaw IBX center play in Equinix's global infrastructure?

Our data centers in Poland play an important role in Equinix's global infrastructure. Recent investments - such as the opening of the new WA3 data center, and the modernization and expansion of WA1 - allow us to respond even better to the challenges and needs of local and international customers. With the increased adoption of cloud solutions, companies and organizations expect a tailored and flexible approach.  The importance of direct and private connections to customers and partners, such as the interconnection we offer, is increasingly important especially for large global companies.

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