The new LIM Data Centre investment: an interview with Witold Walczak, Head of the Technical Department

The new LIM Data Centre investment: an interview with Witold Walczak, Head of the Technical Department

Another LIM DC expansion is just around the corner. Previously, the facility expanded by almost 100 more telecommunications cabinets. What to expect this time?

The new colocation space - LIMDC3 - will accommodate nearly 120 telecommunications racks.

The rapid commercialisation of LIMDC2, commissioned in February 2022, exceeded our wildest expectations. As a result, the LIM Management Board decided to accelerate works on the next collocation. So, we initiated works on the next Data Centre taking into account customer demand for space for their devices in the LIM building.

When do you expect the investment to be finished?

We were able to entrust the construction work on LIMDC3 to the same reliable contractor, Sanin. As a result, everything is running extremely smoothly, and we can say with a high degree of certainty that the commissioning of the new space will take place at the end of 2022.

Can customers already pre-book?

We are at the final stage of commercialisation of LIMDC2, which means that we can already launch the next stage, related to LIMDC3. Those who would like to cooperate are welcome to do so.

What makes the LIM complex such a good place to provide Data Centre-type services?

A rich and long history plus many years of experience in this business segment. This is what makes us one of the best DC locations on the Polish colocation market. A huge advantage of LIM DC is the presence of a large number of telecommunications operators available in our colocation facilities. For many customers, this is sufficient incentive to use our services.

What types of connections are available to LIM DC customers?

As part of our colocation offering, we offer interconnectivity with all our tenants in each colocation. A list of customers can be found on our website:

What additional services does LIM DC provide?

In addition to leasing space for telecommunications racks and patching, we also lease individual units for the installation of equipment in our own racks.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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