Equinix - interview (part 2)

Equinix - interview (part 2)

LIM Center as an important part of Equinix's global infrastructure. Interview with Robert Busz - Managing Director of Equinix in Poland.

There has been a recent expansion and modernization of the Warsaw IBX center. What did it consist of?

In Q4 2020, we completed the fourth phase of our investment in the WA1 data center. It has been upgraded in accordance with the latest standards in data center construction. It now offers 150 new server racks and a total of 1440 m2 całkowitej powierzchni kolokacyjnej

How many employees are needed to keep the infrastructure running smoothly?

In order to manage infrastructure efficiently, one needs both facility management specialists available 24 hours every day and specialists performing work for clients. A well-functioning Data Center should have all types of specialists available on a 24-hour basis, because the Data Center "never sleeps."

What is the biggest challenge facing the IT industry in 2021, and how does Equinix see its role in helping companies overcome it?

Among current trends, we see first and foremost that in the process of digital transformation, progress has been made in a few months that previously would have taken several years. The pace of these changes will continue to increase. As the data from our report shows The Global Interconnection Index (GXI) Volume 4, przedsiębiorstwa posiadające infrastrukturę cyfrową zwiększą swoją przewagę konkurencyjną i będą nadal szybko się rozwijać. Te, które nią nie dysponują, będą zmagać się z problemami i polegać na dostawcach usług w kwestiach transformacji swoich modeli biznesowych. Obserwujemy na rynku również szybki rozwój i wdrażanie technologii cloud-native.

Through our data centers, we provide access to global digital infrastructure and provide direct and secure connections to multiple global cloud providers. In this way, we respond to companies' current challenges and holistically support the building of infrastructure based on the interconnection of multiple cloud environments. We provide full support in the migration process in cooperation with our global and local partners.

What does the future look like for Equinix in Poland and the LIM Center?

The Polish market is very important for us. Our development plans have been precisely defined in a 5-year perspective. They assume the development of infrastructure both in Poland and the region, taking into account also the modernization of already existing data centers. We focus primarily on organic growth. Among other things, we plan to expand our WA3 data center, which began operations in Q1 2020. Upon completion, it will offer about 1,200 server racks and more than 3,500 m2 powierzchni kolokacyjnej.

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