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El Al Airlines at LIM Center: interview with El Al General Manager for Poland, Mr. Andrzej Jackowiak

How long has El Al been doing business at LIM Center?

Almost from the very beginning of our operations in Poland. The first flight of our airline's aircraft to Warsaw took place on March 28, 1989, and just three months later, on June 30, we signed an office rental contract at LIM. The 33rd anniversary has just passed. Throughout this period the office has been located in the same place.

What is the role of the Warsaw branch in the structure of El Al airlines?

We are responsible for the full representation and service of the El Al line within the territory of Poland, so we are a national outpost. An essential element of our activity, both in the past and now, is constant cooperation with travel agencies and travel agents and tour operators from the Polish market.

How important is the Polish market in El Al's global operations?

The leading destinations within EL AL's network are definitely routes to/from the US and Western Europe, mainly Paris, London, Amsterdam or Zurich. Poland can be classified as a "medium-priority" market, with routes to/from Poland having varied levels of popularity and intensity throughout the period of operations.  

Does the Warsaw office provide ongoing customer service for the line and to what extent? Is it possible to buy tickets on the spot?

Yes, as much as possible. Customers have access to our office, where they can complete all the formalities of booking and purchasing a ticket for our flights across our entire route network. It is also possible to rebook or exchange tickets in accordance with the terms of the applied fare. 

What made El Al open an office just in our complex?

El Al Lines places great emphasis on ensuring that offices located outside Israel meet the highest standards from the standpoint of employee and passenger comfort, prestige and security. In 1989, LIM Center was one of the few locations meeting these requirements.

How would you rate the working conditions at LIM Center?

There is no reason to complain, and certainly not about the location. In addition to meeting the standards I mentioned, LIM offers additional amenities. The existence of a world brand hotel within the same complex greatly facilitates business when representatives of our headquarters arrive.

Have the El Al lines already returned to the pre-pandemic situation?

Unfortunately, the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, which very seriously affected virtually all air carriers, is not over for us yet. The consequences of this situation are still being felt, and in a significant way, if only because of shortages of personnel and crews. During the pandemic period, when traffic and operations of carriers almost disappeared, there were, unfortunately, significant staff reductions. Not everyone has returned, and it takes a long time to train new people to the right level.

El Al Lines has survived this difficult time and, at this point, cruises are running regularly.

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