Mariusz Bres - LIM Center board member - interview

Mariusz Bres - LIM Center board member - interview

The road to success from the perspective of a LIM Center board member - Mariusz Breś

How long have you been associated with LIM Center?

I have served as chairman of the board of directors of LIM J.V. since 2006, and have been a member of the board of directors of LIM J.V. since 2010.

What was your path to this place like?

My career path in real estate was long and at times very difficult (very challenging). Working while studying at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School was the beginning of gaining my first professional experience. I have always been fully and dedicatedly involved in business projects, focusing mainly on negotiating difficult and complex contracts as well as creating an atmosphere in which the projects developed are carried out successfully for all parties. Hard work, acquired knowledge and experience, sooner or later will always be appreciated by someone. I just met such people on my way, who appreciate effort, good ideas and are open to cooperation.

What advice do you have for young people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Passing each stage in life is important i.e. studies, apprenticeships and the first steps in a career.

Shortcuts are not always successful. Curiosity about the world and the issues in which we engage should trigger courage and enthusiasm for action with the belief that what we do is good not only for ourselves, the organization in which we work but also for the environment and the people among whom we work. 

What motivates you in business?

The main motivation is people (both employers and co-workers) full of ideas and positive energy, who share this with others and cause one to take on new challenges with pleasure and enthusiasm.

What brings you the most satisfaction at work?

The greatest satisfaction comes m the satisfaction of co-workers with a job well done. Managing a business like LIM Center is a team effort. Over the years we have managed to gather a very talented and effective team, which is not afraid of challenges and difficulties, thus achieving ambitious goals. My greatest joy comes from knowing that I can support their development, help them realize their professional ambitions and create conditions for cooperation for mutual success.

How do you understand the LIM Center's mission in the market?

LIM Center played a pioneering role in the market - after the communist period it was one of the first modern office complexes in Warsaw. It also became one of the first companies in Poland with foreign capital on the basis of the Act of December 23, 1988 on business activity within the framework of modern Western business culture. Thanks to this, as a brand and as a facility, we blazed trails and set standards for the industry in Poland. And this is the mission we want to continue.

How would you describe your style of managing your team and company?

If I had to define my management style in a few words, I would say: adaptive, firm and swift. However, not to be so concise: over all these years at LIM Center, I have learned that it is extremely important to be able to adapt to situations and make decisions given the circumstances. Not everything in business depends on us. Not all aspects are directly influenced by us. A model example is the last year, in which clinging to preconceived assumptions and plans would have been a simple path to disaster.

Another issue is quick decisions and decisiveness. I believe that there is no place in business, and hamletism and prolonged dithering over problems. Not only does this paralyze the functioning of the company, but it also causes the team to lose trust in management and the feeling that they can count on support when dealing with crises.

What does the future hold for LIM Center in the next decade?

We look to the future with optimism and conviction that we have the answers to emerging challenges. The coming decade at LIM Center will be marked by work to maintain the status of our complex - an icon of Warsaw and an icon of modern business. We plan to carry out extensive modernization work, which will include not only the renovation of the building itself, but also bringing it to the forefront of environmentally friendly facilities. Among other things, our goal is to make LIM Center more eco and energy friendly.

What about outside of work? What do you like to do in your free time? 

I am an active person and, as much as possible, I try to spend time outdoors. This relaxes me a lot and makes me have even more energy. My passion is running in the woods and climbing more mountain peaks.

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